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File: 334RatTheManor.jpg - (175.24 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
179442 No.1774622

(Old thread won't bump again.


You decide not to press your luck and head back the way you came. Unfortunately the way is blocked.

"Like a bloody pink bat, flapping er wings across the night sky. HAH!" Says one of the guards.

"Alright alright I got the point 10 minuets ago." Says the other guards.

They are too busy talking to each other and haven't noticed you.


silently move to the edge of the stairs and hide somewhere.. or find a way to hide in the other room you were in.
they might try to go your way, so better keep everything quiet.


Slip off in the shadows, with your amazing sneak skills and cloak. They're too busy talking about meat curtains to notice.

Have your smoke bomb and knife ready.



dude, they're on the door you have to go cross to get to the kitchen and thus out.

File: 335RatTheManor.jpg - (117.69 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You slip back the way you came. You might need to find a new way out.



Use the switch and proceed through the then appearing secret passage.


There is no other way that would be shown on the map. Now back to music room to pull the switch.

File: Dog_air_humping.gif - (499.04 KB, 212x158) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Why do I have this stupid feeling that this manor is somehow related to the blacksmith?

Anyhow, like I said, try that switch out then.

File: 336RatTheManor.jpg - (203.20 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Before jumping back into the music room it might be good to consider other routs to escape through.



Well, we're stuck in a hallway. One end is the trophy room, the other one the ball room with the two guards.

We could try the switch OR open every room in the hallway we're in, to see if one of those rooms has a window big enough for us to slip out of.



*other end is the conservatory.

So yeah. Either switch or searching every room for a window to escape out of.


We might escape through conservatory by using the glass cutter.



I agree, we can hide out in that room for a little bit... if no patrol seems to go by, score the glass and we can use our grappler to get over the wall.

File: 337RatTheManor.jpg - (184.83 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You go to the door at the end of the hall and enter the conservatory. You quietly close the door behind you.


a rat may be discovered, but a rat never gets caught.

Prepare nasty tricks to fuck up the guards.

prepare a rock to rain shards on 'em and escape in the chaos.



Put some of that oil on a spot on the windows that would be big enough for you to slip through, then cut a hole in it and get out.



Lock the door behind you, it'll buy you time. After this, get to oiling and cutting the glass.






File: Resident%20Evil%201%20DC%20-%20Yawn%20Snake.jpg - (83.36 KB, 492x314) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: 338RatTheManorGetaway.jpg - (158.81 KB, 900x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You lock the door behind you and start to rub oil on the glass.

"I think I urd a door close down the all way er." One of the guards says.

You start to score the glass, but you need to move more quickly. The blade makes a slight scraping noise as you run it along the glass.

"Now I know I erd something!"

You can hear them at the door now.

"Its locked, get out your key."

Your teeth clench as the glass falls forward onto the ground outside. You throw your glass cutting tools into your bag and pull out the smoke bomb, pull the fuse and toss it back at the door. A plume of black smoke fill the glass room just before the guards open the door. You slip out the window and into the courtyard.

"I can't see, is there a fire?!" The guards say with panic.



Speedhacks go, run to the nearest wall and climb over it using your grappling hook.



Get over a fucking wall and grapple over it pronto.



Move your rat ass! GTFO over the wall ASAP!

File: 339RatTheManorGetaway.jpg - (91.95 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You move like a blur, reaching for your grappling hook when you notice a stump alongside the wall. You shift direction slightly and dash toward the stump and use it to help jump up the wall enough for you to grab the ledge and pull yourself over.




Now gtfo into the dark, look back to see if any guards are searching around the manor, are following you or watching you from the wall.

If yes, run off to somewhere where they'll quickly loose sight of you before proceeding to...are we going back to the inn or directly to lisha?



If no one is following, go to Lisha's, but only if we know for sure we're not being followed. Lets not get amateur mode here. Get rid of that statue ASAP. Don't want someone discovering it before we can turn it in and get credit for this "quest".



Is good idea.

Might ask lisha if we can store the other stuff we stole at her place, until we pick it up again to sell it.


Fuck stashing it if we're not being followed, someone else might steal it.


First things first.

Make sure you're not followed, get some distance to the manor, then decide wether to go to lisha directly or to the inn.

Try to run off to somewhere where you'll disappear from their sight quickly. The outskirts of the jungle or something, or some bushes.


>>1774855 fuck yeah.



The manor is not far from the inn. No doubt the guards are going to stop by the Inn to question people/search rooms. Unless you WANT them to take the statue back, find a place in the forest to hide it where you can retrieve it unseen later. Your cloak is reversible for forest sneaking, may as well use it.



It is still easier to lose someone in a small town imho.
Id go around the town and then sneak into the secret thief guild chamber, leave the statue hidden inside one of the barrels..
leave the equipment hidden, specially the glass cutting tool and grease.
then go to the Inn.
then when you go to the thief ring tomorrow.. you can just say "wheres my payment" etc..etc..
then just show the thing once you get paid.



The tree stump where we used to stash our money in.

Put the shit there, then go back to the inn.



It is night time, everyone is in bed. The guards are not even city guards, they have no authority, they're hired goons.

No one has to tell them shit, and no one is gonna see us. We should go straight to the chapter.

File: 340RatTheManorGetaway.jpg - (141.80 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You dash into the jungle, flipping your cloak around and moving quickly though the tress. You take a moment to catch your breath and check back the way you came. No one seems to have followed you.

Once you catch your breath you switch your cloak back around again and head into the port while its still dark. Carefully you travel through the streets to the inn and after making sure no one is around, pick the lock and enter. You then creep up to your room and close the door behind you.

Its about an hour or so till dawn. Having witnesses seeing you leave the inn in the morning should help if anyone questions where you have been.



Hide the stuff you just stole somewhere, then wait until the sun comes up.

While you wait, get the pen, ink and paper ready, in case gaelle shows up again.



Good call.


hey Scraggy.... are you a university student or a college student or doing grad school or are you working? perhaps in the arts? how do you find time to do this comic?



It's saturday.

File: 341RatTheManorGetaway.jpg - (132.88 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You carefully pry one of the floorboards up, it makes a small creaking noise but nothing more then if someone was walking around. You Place the rolled up painting, silverware and statue under the floorboard and then craw into bed. You might be able to get a few hours of sleep, unless the ghost shows up. but you have the pad and paper ready just in-case.

(I've been out of college for about 4 or 5 years now, and despite my awful work with a wacom I did go for animation.)


I kind of get a bit of a social experiment vibe from this actually.

Also, check to see if the ghost didn't already do something to the room while you were away?


Like what? Shit in his bed?
It's just a ghost.



I literally loled



If the ghost shows up, see how she reacts to the knife likely used on her before.

File: 342RatHasTheStatue.jpg - (178.38 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You get a few hours of sleep, but you have a nightmare.

It also doesn't look like the ghost showed up.


oh wow lol! XD

he's now having nightmares of that goodamn blacksmith? XD



ROFL so hard.



No Scraggy! NOOOOOO!

File: GSmith.PNG - (101.69 KB, 700x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I told you i'd haunt your dreams. ;)


Get dressed, but make sure you hide your cloak in your pack with the rest of your belongings. It could be used to further wrap/protect your ill-gotten gains in your pack, and would throw off anyone who MAY have caught a glimpse of you.



Do what you need to in order to hide your goods, persue a line of conversation with the young doe if you can find her on her own again.

We need to be visible to make our excuses if we're questioned.




I haven't read this quest since the beginning when it was like the King's Quest 6 opening, but it reminded me to see what Tozol Quest has been doing. Not only have I not read it in over a year (they had just discovered that catatonic Tozol), but it doesn't look like a lot has happened since then.


Think about the blacksmith.


You've been fucking with 2 voodoo chicks already, both times you gained from it.

Now, sure you're not a bit of a faggot for the blacksmith? Reconsider.



I don't mean this as in to whore yourself out along the side of stealing, but it'd make you feel more comfortable with the blacksmith, since it's all your mind immediately jumped to.

So yeah, reconsider.


Guys, enough drooling over some gayness.

I know you're cock crazy faggots, but honestly, 90% of furry is your playground, do you have to make every lead character out to be bisexual or homosexual?




But the blacksmith has been causing a bunch of entertainment. That's why.

File: 2b54664a29de30_full.png - (5.11 KB, 100x100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


What does the story gain from the rat fucking women only?


Not telling "jump in bed with the blacksmith right now". Just search your feelings, imagine it - would you enjoy it? If you find it repulsive, or not arousing at all, just forget it.

File: 343RatHasTheStatue.jpg - (77.82 KB, 424x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You dress and recollect your Ill gotten game from under the floorboard. You decide to go cloak-less for now, wrapping the statue, silverware and painting in it and then putting the lot of it in your bag.

You head down the stairs and pass a few others who stayed at the inn, exchanging good-mornings with them. When you reach the tavern the innkeepers wife see's you, greats you, and tells you to have a seat for breakfast. You do so.

She brings you a plate of pancakes with syrup, a small roll and fried potato bits.

"I ope you don't mind apple cyder, it being Autumn an all, though you would never know it on this island." She says.

You tell her cyder is fine and thank her for the meal. She smiles and tells you to enjoy before serving the other patrons.

>>1775701 (Wat?)

You don't really find the blacksmith to be attractive sexually. Frankly when he was stroking your tail you felt very uncomfortable.


Enjoy. Thank, greet, maybe even help some, or tip. Be a charming, friendly young man. Do not overdo the cider.

Then a leisurely stroll to cash your ill-gotten gains. Enjoy the day, but stay alert. Don't want to get in a trap or ambush if there is one.


Go to Lisha around noon to present her with the statue. After all, she'll prepare you a special "dinner" and would need time to do such.

In the meantime while she gets ready you should pawn off your other pilfered goods. I'd be careful with the painting just in case someone spots it (maybe a guard from the night before that's now off-duty) and knows it's from the manor.



Eat and be merry. Then sell your stuff to Lisha.



What this guy said.

Eat stuff, be friendly, not too much alcohol, then go to lisha.

The apparent absence of homofaggotry in this story is refreshing. Apart from the blacksmith, of course.

Straight protagonist go!


Still consider the thought of commencing an act of the gay.

After all, that tail stroking was an unwanted invasion of your privacy.

File: 344RatHasTheStatue.jpg - (110.68 KB, 504x432) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Don't worry its not hard cyder.

You Enjoy your meal and head out, you take your time going to Lisha's, watching dock workers and such go about their day.

Stop pushing your gay hangups on me.

You reach the ally to Lisha's hideout and make sure no one is watching. Silently and unseen you back into the ally, move the crate, slide into the window and slide the crate back to cover the window. You then enter the thieves guild through the bookcase door.

Not too long later Lisha enters, but not in her leather armor like she has been the past 2 times you've seen her, just a plain dress.

"Welcome back ratty, do you have anything for me?" Lisha says.

You smile and unload the stolen goods from your bag, laying each out on the table.

Lisha's eyes light up when she sees the statue. "Very good work, and quick too, you've proven yourself to be a very good little thief."


Thank her for the compliment, make a small talk, but guide the conversation towards the business.

You're not hard-pressed for cash so don't bargain too hard, but don't let her think you're cheap either ;)

File: 345RatHasTheStatue.jpg - (111.45 KB, 504x432) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You thank her for the complement and tell her she looks very pretty in her dress.

"Oh thank you, I really didn't feel like dressing in my armor just to come down here, since its just you and not a bunch of thieves." She says. "Now then, we already agreed on the statue payment and it should be a day or so still for the manifest to reach here. As for the silverware, it is very nice, not many scratches at all, I'll give you 1 gold for it."

You haggle with her for a little bit, getting her up to 2 gold coins, one for each set. You also notice her tail wagging some behind her as you discuss business.

"The painting will have to be smuggled out, its also not a very good one, I'll give you 50 silver coins for it." Lisha says.

You once again haggle with her, upping the amount to a gold coin. You again notice her tail wagging behind her. Your not sure but it seems dealings with stolen goods excites hers.



clearly the items are way more valuable than she wants to accept.

>>Your not sure but it seems dealings with stolen goods excites hers. (sic)

Remember this, /furi/. We can use it to get in her pants later.



Lulwat? We got 5 gold for a fucking bird, that took no effort to get. And just 2 gold for the silverware?

You don't fuck with this rat, bitch!



that's like.... getting a random monthly allowance from your mom or family members.. Ie, starting money from all RPGS.



Isn't the silverware actually silver? Didn't we have 60 pieces or something? Shouldn't it be worth its weight in silver, at least, since we could just melt it? I smell a rat.

(Unless gold's worth a lot more than I think it is)


So I guess we had the monthly allowance of sex as well, and Lisha won't thank us in a special way.. :/

File: 345RatHowMoneyWork.jpg - (117.77 KB, 700x324) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>1776070 (Cockatoos are expensive birds.)
(I'm not trying to rip off rat guys, stop bitching about the costs of stuff. Do have to change money around so its just one kind of coin to make it easier for you?)







Fencing is like a pawn shop, you don't get MSRP for the items because if you did then there would be no money left for the fence to have their cut. Stolen goods are usually cheaper than goods that are not stolen.

Stolen = cheaper.
Cheaper = 50-75% for you, of the reduced price, 25-50% for the fence.


Ask lisha if her bird returned an answer of the voodoo chicks.


I wouldn't put too much stock in what they're going on about, scrags.



Figure out if Lisha is just happy to finally have a proper underling/guild business or if she is actually getting a sexual thrill from this.

1.) Rats have bad/worse vision to a human's, but their sense of smell is amazing. Subtly take a wiff of the air, see if she's wet.

If she isn't, at least you have a conversation to start. Mention you notice that she seems to have perked up greatly over the business, ask her what she enjoys about it.

If she is, be direct but play dumb. "Something smells really nice, are you baking some spice bread upstairs?" ;p



She wont buy into that shit because of said superiour noses of rats.

Ask bout a possible answer of the voodoo chicks instead, like i mentioned before.




We're dealing with Lisha, if the reply was something urgent like "OMG we're dying" I am sure she would have mentioned it and wouldn't be so relaxed.

We know she reads the communications, she read the last one, obviously.

Lets just focus on her for now, we're going to put a damper on the party if we suddenly start talking about other women.



You just want another fuck scene, amirite?

File: 346RatHowMoneyWork.jpg - (136.01 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You move a little bit closer to Lisha and subtlety smell her while she looks at the ugly painting. You can pick up a hint of arousal in her scent.

"So do we have a deal?" She asks, looking back at you.

You nod your head and accept her offer.

"Its so nice to finely have some business around here." Lisha says as she goes into the caged room and with the stolen goods. "I've been stuck on this Island for a year now, but thanks to you and this statue, I can finely go back to the main land." She returns with your coins and hands them to you, leaving her hand on top of your own for a moment longer then normal. She smiles at you. "Now then, I owe you dinner don't I."



Take her hand up to your lips and kiss it, then rub your lips across her fingers, and nibble at the tips of them. Then say something like "Yummy, already the perfection of flavor."


File: laughing_cunts.jpg - (43.71 KB, 446x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




Oh fuck you, I'm barebacked enough pussy to know that cheeseball shit like that does work. Even if they try to laugh it off with friends later, you still got your dick wet.

File: kill_me.jpg - (36.96 KB, 378x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You really dont get it?

Thats subliminal for sucking dick, thats what a chick does to you as foreplay, I bet that chick was laughing her ass off at that shit, telling her friends about it. Unless your girlfriend happened to be a trap I take it the only pussy youve been getting is from some pet of yours...Faggot.


Lowly niggers please - let's save the fucking until after dinner.
Knowing you guys, don't worry too much about this one. By the time this all over we'll have probably fucked damn near everything on the island including that fucking blacksmith.



It's only phallic because you make it that way, what, are you that insecure?

Foreplay is foreplay, and bitches be having nipples which love the same style of attention. I said nibble the fingers, not suck them all in and fellate them, dumbass.


Accept the dinner invitation.

Ask bout the voo- fine, fuck lisha first.


File: thatfuckingcat.png - (34.45 KB, 307x295) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


That fucking cat you say?

File: Boris%20Hoppek_rainbow-vomit.jpg - (137.61 KB, 857x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Then you go to the ear lobe..faggot.


We should've pulled the switch.

File: something_positive_cat-hat.gif - (55.34 KB, 550x638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




Bigger invasion of personal space, dipshit.


Come on guys, this on the same level of 'retarded bullshit' as some of the arguments I've gotten into during this ordeal.
Drinky, please stop baiting the homosex.


accept the offer, ask her about news of the bird, about mainland AND the ship manifest..
then give her a big hug for being nice with our little rat.
maybe the hug will reveal if our chick is interested in our rat hero.

File: 1313049383605.gif - (354.10 KB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Make it worth my while and I'll consider your offer.

File: 347RatDinnerWithLisha.jpg - (159.19 KB, 504x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>1776231 (...)
>>1776237 (That is what they call a pity fuck.)

You nod.

"Come back in 3 hours, I need time to get ready." Lisha says, heading out of the room and going up the stairs.

You leave through the basement window and take a walk around the port. You start to wounder what you'll do next, after you try to help he ghost that is. Should you stay on the island? Your eyes glance over at the ships out on the ocean.



You kinda sound rather insecure and buttmad just because someone wanted to be "unusually" charming.
Are you sure we aren't missing some kind of delicious irony here? Something about you, perhaps?

File: 4arms.png - (114.00 KB, 214x669) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Until you get your hands on the ship manifest stay on the island. Im pretty sure everyones waiting for something to happen with the blacksmith or Lisha anyways.



Pretty much this, how does he even expect us to nibble an earlobe when Lisha is taller and doesn't fucking have any?

I'm so smooth, I'm gonna stand on the table all smooth like, lean over her, put her in a headlock and start to nibble.


Pussy is pussy, better than being a virgin.

File: pussy-is-pussy.jpg - (25.82 KB, 279x320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This man speaks the truth, granted you can find it..physically..

File: That%20Fucking%20Blacksmith.jpg - (37.15 KB, 565x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Reluctantly head back to the smith and see about having that tail shank made. Then head back to the inn and see if you can't find that one daughter of the innkeepers to ask a little bit more about the ol' ghost (Could try to convince her to come up to your room sometime, as her presence might bring it about again).
I'd imagine that would kill two hours or so, leaving you with enough time to get back to Lisha without being late.

File: pedosquint.jpg - (54.36 KB, 599x340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Nice phrasing.



Yeah, men are not the only ones to get pitty-fucked, haha.

I'll admit, my first was a whale. She was shorter than me but heavier than me.


I had fallen off her while doing the lazy dog position because she was so rounded.



I agree with checking into the murder a bit more, and we should go see the smith... though, not to really buy anything, I want to case the joint.

We should rob it, the smith doesn't look strong enough to be a threat if we're caught there at night.


Now that you've said that, that blacksmith is going to kick your ass and then force you to have your way with him.

File: fascinating%20%282%29.jpg - (46.68 KB, 248x267) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Hurr hurr, that's not all of his we'll steal.

File: 348RatDinnerWithLisha.jpg - (118.12 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You reluctantly head back to the smith, still having the idea of a tail mounted blade on your mind.

"Oh, looks who's back, hello again." He greets you. "Can I do anything for you today or did you just come to see me."

You ask him about making a tail blade, one that extends when you flick your tail out and can be retracted.

"I would have to put a little though into it hon, it sounds like a rather complicated design, and could be costly also." The smith says.


If you don't want us to like him, why do you draw the Blacksmith so goddamn cute?



A gold, plus you will acquire any exotic components you need providing he can tell you who has them so you can "Buy" them.

( Like springs or cams, highly technical things he can't make himself. )


You know, I was going to add in something along the lines of "not for sex", but I just didn't feel like it.

Figures one of you fine chaps notices

Really though, I'd imagine the innkeepers daughter would trigger a strong emotional response from said ghost

player.additem 0000000f 10000



( It'd be cool if we could design the tail shank. )



Ask him to measure our width, he needs to know the girth after all.


Goddamned faggots. No innuendos.
Ask for the price. IN GOLD. Agree for up to two gold pieces, bargain down but don't accept sex offers for a substitute. Take the measurements yourself, just giving numbers to him. Make it clear you're not interested in sex with him.

File: 1feb2b3740e7a0_full.gif - (157.23 KB, 100x100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Offering to barter with him sexually?

That's a great idea.


He probably has fantasy AIDs. If we fuck him it's game over man, game over!

File: Feline-AIDS.jpg - (54.41 KB, 822x604) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Naw dude, we're the protagonist. We're magically immune to death and junk.



Little rat guy feels like he's about 40% Garrett and 60% Larry Laffer. I doubt we're immune to death by fucking.



If we annoy scraggy he'll probably make the rat die to end the story.


Order that stupid tail blade and then steal it later from his shop.

File: %5b29%5d.png - (2.65 KB, 50x50) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




Why do you need the tail blade anyway? Your tail isn't strong enough to actually injure anyone, and it would be hard to hide. You came back to see the cat, didn't you?



Seduction --> Bedroom --> Tail sex --> ??? --> Profit.

File: 5e23f3d23c10e0_full.gif - (142.82 KB, 175x157) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Do you want to look like Clooney the scourge aka badass or not?

It can easily be hid beneath a cloak and stabbing someone in the neck or otherwise as suddenly as we can is useful. Especially since we can handle a spear and staff well enough.

File: 349RatDinnerWithLisha.jpg - (119.89 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You offer a gold plus you'll do the leg work to find any exotic components he might need, such as springs and little gears.

"Aw Hun, your looking at a cost of 15 gold for something this fancy." The smith says.

You frown at the cost and ask for anyway to make it cheaper.

The smith smirks and pats you on the head "Sorry sweetie, your not my type." He says and winks. "The whole cat and mouse thing would be a little too cliché."



Anyway, just have him build a simple one, no moving parts and forge a sheath for it

File: 47e9990ca2f5fced9beb2bc905bda54a.png - (12.74 KB, 527x410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

ilu Scraggy

Tell him to get his mind out of the gutter and ask him if he needs any errands done / items retrieved / monsters slain in exchange for his work.

Failing that, initiate forced blowjob. He'll learn to appreciate you yet.

File: 259b1fe878347e96fc0fdbe2aeb95d661225556027_full.gif - (20.47 KB, 230x288) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Never gonna happen mate. Scraggy's anus is vice tight.



This, except for the blowjob part.

Ask if he needs any jobs done that you could do for him, in exchange that the price for the tail shank gets lowered.


Don't need a goddamn tail shank. Rat is a thief, not an assassin. Besides, rat already has a knife and a blackjack. Leave the queer jew-cat alone. Chances are, he'll send rat on some awkward rainbow fag quest to find his long lost lover.

Do something useful, like finding something to give to Lisha for the date.



What if...

we decide to forget the tail blade, but still take on a job for the blacksmith?

We could find some valuable stuff while doing things for him, as well as getting to know the island more. Knowing the environment should be important to a thief, hiding spots and getaways etc.

Also, if we ever lose one of our current weapons or need an additional one (not necessarily a tail shank), we can return to the blacksmith and still get a reduced price for the jobs we did.

File: blacksmiths.jpg - (48.24 KB, 698x725) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


The dreeeeeaaaaam is oveeeeeer (20 points to Scraggy)

File: killer-view.jpg - (40.18 KB, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


We clearly murdered everyone on an entire ship.

Not an assassin my ass.


Leave his shop and think of a way to retaliate for his arrogance and money greed.
Maybe steal something precious from his shop in the night.
Nobody messes with the rat!

File: muttley%5b1%5d.jpg - (57.81 KB, 234x289) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>we can return to the blacksmith and still get a reduced price for the jobs we did.

This sounds so... wrong.



Yes. Yes it does.

But I dont think we'll have to retrieve the lost chocolate cookie that got lost in his butt.

File: 1272824960.kogi_dsc01396.jpg - (142.84 KB, 960x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Where were we (besides getting shot down by the Blacksmith?)

I figure it's for the better anyway, he probably would have had a pretty pretty dress for Rat to wear, and then the whips would come out...

Catsmith: Now we can both be the girl!

Rat: Wait...I think I changed my mind

Catsmith: No going back now! Roberto? Are you ready to meet your new girlfriend?

Rat: Noooooooooooo!

(I have no idea where I'm going with this)



( Given that we know that gold coins are used for special items, and rare items, I think we can be sure 15 is over charged or his design in mind is too complex )

We should suggest that maybe the price is too high because his design in mind is too complex. Challenge him to find elegance in simplicity.

If I were to design it, it would be a cone with a button on the tip, the base of it near the tail would have two wide spikes on spring boards. If the button is firmly pressed (Like we jabbed our tail into someone) the springboards are released from their catches, and the two spikes rocket out like two hugging arms of death.

That should only require a pair of springs, a metal cap, a third spring for the button, and six or so metal latches and levers that lead to the catches holding down each springboard.

File: AngelOftailDeath.jpg - (143.21 KB, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




Sounds good.

It wouldn't accidentaly cut up our cloak that way too, since the blades only pop out if it hits something hard enough.

File: 350RatDinnerWithLisha.jpg - (170.82 KB, 792x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You tell the smith you'll have to think it over, thank him for his time and leave.

Right next to the smith is the Chest of Provisions, maybe you should get a gift for lisha...



Tailor instead. Can she whip us up another sneaking cloak? :D



Why the fuck would we need that?

Pink cloak to hide in the blacksmiths shop?


Anyway, stop with this constant blacksmith nubbing.

tailshank, yes / no?
Other weapons yes / no?

do jobs for him in turn for reduced prices for us yes / no?

I say yes for the job one...cant hurt and we only gain from it.

As for now, enter the chest of provisions for a gift for lisha. Something small, of course.




Obviously it is a gift for lisha.



Thought of that, too.

But wouldnt somebody like her own one already? Maybe even several ones for..whatever reason?

She's the local lead vagina of thieves after all.



Also, just look at the stuff she supplied us with and her armor.

Bitch is already outfitted fine.



She wasn't wearing it when she came down the first time and I'd assume that is her gear, and she would try to be sneaky when entering an unknown fight.


Anyway back on track... She mentioned she was leaving the island, I wonder if the supplier has anything that would make time on a boat more bearable.



If we go back to the blacksmith's shop, that anvil's going to fall on us and kill us.

I'm all for a new shop.


>>1777441 lol'd hard. but since we're the nice guy, why not try to find the blacksmith a boyfriend.



Doubt that'd fly with scraggy.

Lets do other jobs for the blacksmith, if he has any.


Get that stupid blacksmith out of your minds for once.
This isn't "The Ballad of Gay Tony".



I'm just saying it'd be useful to do jobs for him, in exchange of him lowering his prices for us.

For fucks sake, that nigger can craft weapons and various other tools. Stop frolicking over him simply because he likes dicks.


What decent jobs could a gay blacksmith have for us?

I say we go about our own business, thieving, adventuring or otherwise, earn the friggin 15 gold and pay the whole amount, it will take less time and hassle than the "price-reducing jobs".

Besides, even if he halves the price, we'd still need to part with most of our assets. So we'd better just earn some more before even bothering with asking the blacksmith.

For now: take a stroll through the merchant district, keeping an eye for vulnerable targets that would provide easy profit at night - shops easy to sneak in, cellars with access from side streets etc. Also, good hiding spots, escape routes, note lamps that would thwart your hiding and good observation spots. Spend a few copper or silver on common trinkets to remove any suspicions and get gifts for all your women.

File: 351RatDinnerWithLisha.jpg - (64.41 KB, 504x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Your done dealing with the blacksmith.
You have never seen anything he has made. And from what others have told you he's not a very good blacksmith.


You decide to wounder around the port looking for other shops. Sadly you find none, after all, its not a city or town, just a small port.



This is a fucking adventure story, of course the blacksmith has SOME form of quest or job for us.

But yeah, for now, get something for lisha. We have dinner with her in 3 hours.


wander not wounder



Well then, enter the chest of provisions shop, look for something for lisha.


What can you give to her that she can't steal?

I think that question prompts a particular line of reasoning - can we give her something unique? Something she can't get herself? What if it was something the rat could make himself? What craft skills does he have?



>what craft skills does he have

SUDDENLY, we remember that we started learning the craftmanship of the blacksmith before we started being a thief.

Stupiding aside, good point. Might as well try and craft something ourselves and hope the "personal touch" makes up for it, in case it sucks.


Inb4 the blacksmith is actually a woman.


Contributing a single constructive post, Get Lisha something nice but not too extravagant. If need be, claim you stole it to get her back in the mood she was in when you gave her the statue. Perhaps something vaguely related to the theft itself, or a reminder of you somehow. So she can remember you after her trip back to the mainland.

Then think about getting something nice for yourself. She has shown she has taste. Best not to show up in tattered rags and a thief's cloak. Bitches love a well-dressed rat/man.



Nope, although that'd be just as funny as it would be dickish. Than again adding a faggot to an adventure quest story and then not letting you adventure with him is already dickish, but whatevs

File: 352RatDinnerWithLisha.jpg - (176.29 KB, 792x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You enter the chest of provisions shop, the owner greets you.

"Ello again, what can I do for you today?" He says.


You tell him that your looking for a gift for a girl, something nice but not too extravagant.

The shopkeeper rubs his chin for a moment.

"Well I have some perfume, scented bath salts, and honey sticks, rock-candy. Let me see what else..." The shop keeper says, looking around. "Some nice fur-brushes, bottles of sweet wine, sunhats, and hand fans. Oh, I have some ear-spoons on sale too, though that might not be a good gift for a lady, I'm just putting it out there."


Building on this, how about we just go ahead and steal something for her instead of lying about it?

Let's break into some houses!


What the fuck is an ear spoon? My fetish sense is tingling.

Bath salts might be good if Lisha would like to bathe with you. Also, it's kind of like a smoke bomb, but it produces foam/bubbles with water.



It's used to clean impacted wax out of ears.

Any how, I vote wine.

File: bitchplzspray%20V2anon.jpg - (68.63 KB, 231x326) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Get her wine, bush bitches love liquor.


Wine is probably the best out of these items.



What you get matters less than the fact that you steal whatever it is you get. This is her fetish.


Get the wine.

Then after that, maybe steal something.

>become fucking Scraggy
>put into your browser
>continue posting there
>become the protagonist again

Seriously, I like me some quests and all, but after about eight thousand threads now, don't you guys think you need to go to a dedicated board or something? One made for this shit? If your shit is any good, people will follow you.



But we only need one thread at a time, which we stick to.

Be mad bout the bronies while we're happy with our single thread :(


How about fuck you and gtfo?



Quit bitching, it's a lot more fun than pony bullshit.

File: 353RatDinnerWithLisha.jpg - (109.27 KB, 648x324) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You ask for a bottle of wine.
The shopkeeper turns his back to get one and you quickly reach around the glass counter and pocket the fur brush and bath-salts. He has quite a few of both so he shouldn't notice.

You pay him 20 coppers for the wine, thank him and leave. You now have 5 gold and 30 silver coins.



>fur brush

After-dinner social grooming, here we come!


Use fur brush to tiddy up or give to lisha?

How much bath salt did we steal? Can we use some of it to smell nice for the dinner while still able to give a considerable bit of it to her as a gift?

...Well, a bath would be necessary anyway. Dude has been running around for 2 or 3 days nonstop without taking a moment to just wash his face, even.

File: 1273681420225.jpg - (26.38 KB, 600x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



File: 354RatDinnerWithLisha.jpg - (87.62 KB, 504x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


We stole it all for Lisha, Anyway, its almost time to head to her place.



Really no time for a short shower?

It'd be more gentleman...esque to show up all clean and nice.

File: 355ratatpee.png - (159.63 KB, 672x672) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Well, then lets a go!



Wash or groom up as best we can in the time left.

File: 355RatDinnerWithLisha.jpg - (189.48 KB, 800x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You head down the ally after making sure no one is looking and enter the basement window. You trigger the bookcase and wait for Lisha.

"Come up the stairs" She calls down to you.

You close the bookcase and head up the stairs.



Messenger bird service.

Why do I find this funny.



Lets find the purty wild dog then.

File: 4771988.jpg - (266.37 KB, 395x511) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Oh shit it was the dog all along!


I wonder if Lisha happens to be missing a cockatiel.


Something is going to happen and its something that will be unexpected.

File: 1271968120.chrisgoodwin_ratfa.jpg - (587.82 KB, 806x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Our protagonist is actually a pastry baker and buccaneer.

The dreaded pie-rat.


Open the door when you reached the top of the stairs.

Expect either a nicely dressed lisha, a naked lisha, a completely insane lisha, or a bondage fetish lisha.


Or a constable. Set-up, anyone? Thieves aren't exactly 100% trustworthy, and considering the guild hall was long disused means either there's no money to be had (With a mansion around?) or something happened to clear out/lock up all its members long ago.

Proceed with caution.


Wouldn't the time for a trap have been when we delivered the statue and were therefore caught red-handed?

Kinda silly for Lisha to take the stolen merchandise and then run to the cops saying you have stolen merchandise given to you by some stranger with amnesia and no name.



Who says the trap would involve police? We dont know shit about what could be or not.

I just think we should keep the following in mind: We're a thief ourselves, we know that we cant be trusted. Lisha is a thief as well. Just be ready for some stupid shit to happen.


Well, >>1779730 hypothesized that she was a constable (which kinda makes my point about her running to the cops rather unnecessary, but whatever.)

Nonetheless, I don't see why she would hire you, the only other thief on the island, to steal a statue for her and then turn around and turn you in or hurt you, leaving her once again with no one else to run jobs.



But whats bad about being ready to act instantly in case something happens?

Let's put it this way: Thieves cant be trusted. She is one. Let's just take precautions and be ready in case of X-something happens.

Is it bad to get your body ready? Not it isnt.

Get your body ready.



>>Get your body ready.

lube your cock.


You know what...
... have gotten my admiral ackbar senses tingling.
Let's climb in through an outside window. If it's all bogus, it'll at least be entertaining.


Actually, just get outside and climb to an upper floor window. If everything is allright, this will make for an awesome thief style entrance which should turn her on.


Which... is... pretty much exactly what I just said.


Bump, and nope.jpg to all you overly paranoid people.



That'd be delicious.

Also, this shit wont bump much longer.

File: ScraggyHolyShitLook.gif - (211.35 KB, 230x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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