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File: 410RatStalkMurderer.jpg - (70.74 KB, 504x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
72435 No.1799681

(old thread stopped bumping again --- )


While you are angry about what Mezard has possibly done, your not sure if you can kill him in cold blood...

Disguising your face however is a very good idea, and so you take the bandages out from your pack and wrap them around your face and neck. Then you switch your cloak around so the black side is out and pull the hood up.

It might be good to wait till the middle of the night before you enter the village.

Its a little too late to say anything to her now, unless you see her again after you take care of the ghost business.


Go to a spot from where you can view the village, especially the lizards house. Keep some distance, though..obviously.

We should atleast say bye to the two, if we decide to go with lisha.


Anyone have a full archive of this story. I started reading it early on -- then I went away for a few days and missed a few threads -- now I'm pretty lost.



We close our eyes and relive the vision we had from the mixture... It gives us a reason to exterminate him.

He rapes the bodies of the dying. He, by proxy, raped us... the rage of the fallen fills us.

You will deliver his head to Miranda, and expect that she will help you prepare it as a gift to the ghost.

We will wait for dark, we will give him the peace of death in a quick stroke far kinder than he deserves.




This guy's really into this shit.

File: Painting.jpg - (100.09 KB, 444x547) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Evidence first.
We just have to give the ghost back her ear.

I'm at a loss about what to do with Mezard, can't we get some pirate zombie backup from the voodoo ladies?

Zombify him for ghost justice.


He had a knife and a letter a year after the murder. Killers keep trophies. The knife is a trophy and a rotten ear is probably somewhere around too.

We had a vision and confirmed the killer was a reptile which are rare here. We've heard him express that he wants to kill people. We know he holds a grudge.

There is no CSI in this day and age, but we have pretty much the three classics.

The confirmed murder weapon AND we know who owns it. Who owns it has a motive and a desire.

There is no "maybe" here, unless we're excessively paranoid.


I wonder if we could jam the doors and burn him alive actually. There wouldn't be any evidence against us left and if rescue came, he'd be a burnt mess... Burns get infected horribly, in that age of technology, he'd surely be dead meat from bacteria if not the fire.


what if he's innocent?
find the ear first! to be sure.


Let's place the knife back into the lizard's house with a note saying "I know what you did with this".
Then watch from a distance what he does once he discovers it.
If he did it, he will probably get nervous and make mistakes.
Mistakes that lead us to more evidence.
He may have hidden the missing ear somewhere and will lead us there.





I'm not suggesting it to YOU.


Why are we suddenly going all vigilante here? That's not exactly the type of person we've been throughout all of this.

I suggest we search the lizard's house for more evidence, possibly the missing ear. Then we take the evidence, including the knife, to the hares at the Inn and we tell them what we know.

Then we let the hares decide what to do with him. If they want us to go murder him, then so be it.

But I get a strong feeling we're going to run off and murder the guy and it'll turn out to be completely wrong.



Sounds more reasonable.

However, first things first.

Get to a place where you can observe the village unseen. Preferably a spot where you get a good view of the lizards house.

Watch him until it's dark, he might lead us to something.

When it's dark, keep watching for a while. When everybody is asleep, he might take a look at his "trophy" bunny ear. If he's that type.

That way, we can make him do some of the work for us and gain information.

And then, if necessary, interrogate or kill him like a true ninja.


Ask her relatives if they know antyhing about him.



>When everybody is asleep, he might take a look at his "trophy" bunny ear.

Unless he's a Gollum type who does this every day, it would be a hell of a coincidence.
We have to provoke this somehow.
One way is to return the knife along with a note, as I suggested in >>1800509.
At this state of technology (no DNA analysis), the knife/blood doesn't really resemble clear and convincing evidence anyway.

Also I'd vote for a way of resolving this without getting our hands dirty (except for throwing coconuts).
If we do this the right way, the lizard will convict himself of the murder and the proper authority can do the rest.




I still think that, putting the knife there and making it look like it appeared there magically is a bit stupid. Even though its a good idea.

We might end up losing it as an evidence.

Maybe knocking him out and then drawing the face of a bunny with a missing ear and a cut throat on one of his walls could do the same job.



Seriously guys.

1.) Motive.
2.) Means.
3.) Aptitude & Temperament.
4.) Likelyhood.

1.) & 2.) He's a strong lizard man, he has the murder weapon and we know this for a fact. We also know he was royally embarrassed into getting nude for the whole village. The doe VERY LIKELY got him to agree to the blindfold under some guise of sex play and that plays into him writing "SLUT" on the wall with her blood.

3.) This man talks about dealing with troublesome women by killing them, we know he was seeking aid for revenge on the doe already, because he had a reply letter at his home on the subject.

We also know he was talking to buddies about killing Miranda.

4.) We've not met any other lizards, they're rare, the killer in the dream had no ears, which ever mammal does, and he had no beak, which rules out any bird people.

With the number of reptiles being very low, the likelyhood of there being ANYONE ELSE with a real motive to kill her is close to nothing.

If he can get away with slaying her and leaving tons of physical evidence, and hang around long enough to paint the walls AND fuck her, then we know we could probably get away with an anonymous knife in the back as he sleeps.

We even have a ride out of here with Lisha, who will have to keep our alibi for us to keep hers, so she can sale home.

We have no reason to hold back, who else could have honestly done it?



Because we can play ninja again.

And ninjas are awesome.



Great, 5-10 pages of us sneaking around to find out what we already know with 99% certainty.

I want to get this bullshit over with so we can tell Miranda we're leaving and we can get on the boat with Lisha. I'm sick of the inn, the port city, the village and the jungle.

A big city is much more fun :3



Well, speaking of the lizard planning to kill miranda...

we could hang around for a short while no matter what we end up doing, we dont know IF the lizard got others on his side, against miranda.

If yes, we can finish him off, interrogate him or whatever the fuck ever, but we could warn miranda as well.

It would set us in a nice situation with her again too, even though we'll probably leave with lisha.

We could still, maybe, possibly, get a goodbye threesome with the voodoo chicks that way.



She already knows, she doesn't feel the threat is real and is mad because we're keeping her tied to Vareola's hip until the guy is dead or cleared.



File: 411RatStalkMurderer.jpg - (102.86 KB, 504x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>1800142 (I never said it was a year ago since she died. I never said reptiles are rare on the island.

You wait till talk and sneak into the village, moving from shadow to shadow. When you get close to Mezard's hut, you climb up one of the other homes to get a good vantage point.

You watch for an hour or so and nothing happens. No one enters or leave the hut. Its about 10, 10:30 pm now.

File: Soon.jpg - (27.66 KB, 640x436) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Grab a coconut, you already know the drill



>>You wait till talk and sneak into the village

Is there something on your mind, scrags?


(I've had a major headache all day and just don't care... had to force myself to update)


Don't push yourself for our sake, dude.



Bit of advice whether you like it or not. Don't force it, you aren't at knifepoint to continue if you're not feeling up to the task, and the quest tends to suffer as a result of pushing yourself, whether due to percieved pressure or not.



( If they're not rare, then why don't you draw more of them around? )


Because drawing more NPCs places a lot of strain on the GPU and makes the game laggy.

File: beguiled.png - (145.71 KB, 401x372) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




Wait 5 more minutes or around that, then grab a coconut and sneak around his house to a window, see whats going on inside.

File: 412RatStalkMurderer.jpg - (128.94 KB, 504x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There are no coconuts left on the ground.

You sneak around the side of the hut and find an open window. Peeking inside you can see Mezard Sleeping on his cot.



The doe's spirit leaps to you through the knife and you jump on the handbag-to-be and murder the fuck out of him.



I just played some splinter cell, so no.

Either, quietly open the window and try to leap over him and land on the ground, as quiet as possible.

OR open the door to his house, sneak in, and close it again. Soundless.

Then either knock him out and drag him to the jungle for interrogation, interrogate him on spot or quietly slit his throat.

No need to pull a cheesy b-movie moment.


second opportunity... molest him in sleep.



File: 413RatStalkMurderer.jpg - (126.69 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You go around the side of his hut and sneak in through the door.


Make sure there is nothing around him that he could use for his advantage. Weapons under the bed, cabinet, drawers...



Now I dunno.

Guess we could knock him out with something from his cabinet, or the grip of the knife and drag him into the jungle for interrogation..

or we could just slit his throat quietly and gtfo.

Interrogating on spot might make a bit too much noise and attract attention.


File: ScraggyYallMad.gif - (359.06 KB, 500x481) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

(Oh By the way, Ya'all left the knife at Variola's)



There are scratch marks next to the book case on the floor. ( I could be mistaking texturing of the floor for that, but I don't see it present anywhere else in the room. )

My bet; The ear is hidden under the floor beneath the book case.



( We have some fucking rope. We can garrote him easily enough, and we also have the blackjack we can... oh. )

Blackjack his ass, Tie him up, gag him.



Oh, crap..



If not the ear, there might be something else under it.

But moving the bookcase now will wake the lizard up.

File: 414RatStalkMurderer.jpg - (139.50 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You quietly equip the blackjack and tip toe up to the bed.

Wack! You strike him in the head knocking him out cold.

Next you stuff the rag he had on his bookcase into his mouth and then you tie him to the bed.



uuh..sit on top of him and wait until he wakes up, then give him the most evil stare possible?

Also, tell him that "yes" means blinking once, and "no" means blinking twice. Then interrogate him.

Movie moment go


Gag him better. He will spit this gag any moment now.
Stuff his mouth and tie it well. Also double-check the ropes.

It might be a good idea to obscure his vision. Some see-through cloth or the like over his head, so that he will barely see you (your disguise is far from perfect) and you'll get some terror advantage.

Also, don't try to out-stare a lizard. Blackjack to the ribs. To the nose. To the throat (lightly!). If he's particularly offensive - to the balls.

Nod and shake for yes or no will suffice. Water to face for wake-up.





Makes more sense.

Also trips, you must do trips.


my bet: there's something behind the bookcase, it's been moved. Move it back onto the scratches. If too heavy - empty contents onto the floor, empty frame will not be too heavy.

Before that: Close windows, lock doors.



Tie the gag in place or tie his snout shut.

Check behind and beneath the bookcase, now he can't do fuck all to stop us.

File: 415RatStalkMurderer.jpg - (89.76 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You get one of Mezard's shirts and rip the sleeve off, using it to tie a better gag. You then rip open his pillow and put it over his head. You check the ropes one last time and then you turn to the bookshelf.

You push it to the side, and find a box in a hole under it.



Open the box.

File: babyface.jpg - (29.66 KB, 306x425) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

File: 416RatWhatsInTheBox.jpg - (94.80 KB, 562x451) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


The lock is no match for you and the box opens with ease...



Time to fuck a nigger up


What is the other item in there?



Looks like some underwear.

Panties, probably.


>>1802464 sick motherfucker. Wish someone would murder-rape his ass.



Not our style.

Rat isn't gay or bi anyway.


Wait for him to regain consciousness, then go Dexter on his ass.




Take the evidence, we're going to give it to Miranda and Variola.

We've three choices, it is obvious that we're not going to get justice here... we can't even prove we didn't plant the evidence. Plus, turning him in, if we ARE in legal trouble, could get us into a "system" that gets people after us.

1.) We can kill him swiftly and burn the place down.

2.) We can torture him, kill him, and burn the place down.

3.) We can prepare him for transport and let Miranda/Variola have a new zombie, or use him for some ritual, whatever they're up for.

If we go with route 3, we should probably drag him out into a safe place... Go ask the girls if they actually want to get involved after showing them the evidence, then bring him if they do, kill him in the wilds if they don't.

I support option 3.


now hold on a damn second... let's not go full psycho...

...bring him to the witch ladies... maybe they can use the ear to let the ghost have some fun with him.
in fact, yeah I support option 3 here



option three has the most risk to us though, we'd definitely best look around outside for anyone that might witness the abduction and make an attempt to sap them with the blackjack.


Aren't miranda's zombies running this fucking town?

Actually, take the evidence to the rabbits. Leave mezard to them, but don't untie him.
Slide the bookcase back into position so he doen't immediately suspect something.
Better do that gag up better, too.



They're not the type to take revenge, they're timid prey creatures with a family business and several daughters to look after. DO NOT make them bloody their hands.

They'd rather justice be done for them, not justice be done by them, just look how unwilling they are to talk about it. Having to "deal" with the murderer will just rip open their wounds.


No, you killed them. :/


Also is the letter still here about wanting revenge, that we found before?

I think we should keep that for evidence too.



Proof of guilt obtained. Report back to Miranda and Variola, inquire about them conjuring up the vengeful spirit of the dead bunny to exact justice on Mezard à la the Grudge.


I'd guess, from the clue before about being attached to objects, and from the memory of "Feeling something taken from us" vibe, that to put her to rest, we need to return her ear to her corpse.


How do you know jack shit about 'em?
Didn't you read any Brian Jacques? Timid prey creatures my ass...



Uh, look at the archive. They do NOT want to re-open this can of worms. They're private people, minding the children they have left.



So... Uncle Kage's fursuit is shit? His canine fursuit was made by BeastCub.


How can you be so certain that daddy hare isn't an ex-space marine and is just angry as shit all the time?


If we're going all the way back to the voodoo ladies, we should at least bring a piece of the lizard along with in case they want to make a wax doll or something. We don't have a knife, but things like eyelids and testicles should be detachable by hand. Unless he licks his eyes to wet them and has internal gonads or whatever.


Actually, that sounds kinky. Make the lizard the voodoo girls' slave...
I like your thinking.


The lizard should have some kind of butter knife lying around...

File: 1288132265709.jpg - (14.44 KB, 237x251) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


To be honest I am not exactly sure what to do in this situation. I want to bring him to justice, but outright killing him would not work. We need some way to prove he did it to all the townspeople without them knowing that it was us who found him out. I want to have the whole village punish him, but without us getting all the attention.


Take him outside, tie him to a tree, stuff the panties in his mouth and place the ear, the letter, and murder weapon on his person.

Then wait until morning when the villagers arise and find him and the evidence all in one place.


That's a terrible plan and would backfire horribly.
Instead, you should stab yourself in the abdomen with the knife while wearing the panties and jerking off with the ear. When discovered, your father (played by Robin Williams) will cover it up and fix everything.


I'd rather see him locked away than killed.

Maybe scare him into confession.
Go back to the Vodoo ladies and ask for some drugs that will give him freakish nightmares, make him tell the truth or both...And some pigblood or something to write "murderer" on the wall.

When he tries to get rid of the evidence make sure that he's caught with it.


how about

we make him confess. Either by physical torture, OR we wave the evidence in his face. OR, we pull the psychological terror route.

If he does confess, we atleast have that.

From the posts I've read, the best ideas to me are
A) (after he confesses) blackjack his ass again, then bring him to the voodoo ladies and let them turn him into a zombie.

A2) (after he confesses) blackjack his ass, bring him and the bunny ear and panties to the voodoo chicks, and see if they can call the doe, so the doe could personally fuck him over.

B) have him confess, kill his ass quietly, then leave his body together with the bunny ear, the panties, (if we can find it again) the letter talking about revenge and that fur-be-gone recipe, as well as the knife (if we can get it back from the voodoo chicks) in public. Or, maybe at the doorstep of the doe's family.

If we do B), we might as well write a short tiny letter that this guy did kill the doe, the stuff on him is proof etc.

Even though, B) sounds stupid as fuck in retrospect.

The two A)'s would atleast have the nigger pay for what he did for a lifetime.


That's all over-complicated and has too many points of failure. We can't leave him alone for the time it takes to get to the voodoo chicks and back.

We either should kill him or drag him along. If we choose the later, make extra sure that he's bound properly.

We can't turn him to the villagers - a rat appears, kicks a fellow villagers ass and waves a bunny ear. They might be not convinced.

File: my_thinking_hat.png - (278.11 KB, 400x426) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Did you seek out the shittiest-quality version of that image macros? I think you found it.

Try this, instead.



Wait, I think we all forgot something.

Didnt variola or miranda mention that, for a ghost like the doe to find peace, she has to know that her murderer got killed OR we need to bring her something?

If yes, we might have to somehow prove to the doe in the inn that her murderer is dead. In some way.


not to her.. bring HIM to justice.


Well shit...We didn't think this through, went in unprepared and now were stuck.



Not saying we have to bring the lizard to the inn ALIVE and kill him there.

I'm just saying it might be necessary to prove it to the doe somehow in order for her to find peace.


First get the confession out of him.
Then, once you've heard it, search your feelings. Are you really still so unwilling to kill the bastard in cold blood? That would make things so much easier.


While figuring out all of this, dip Mezard's hand in a glass of warm water...


Honestly, you're all being a bunch of pussies.

"Oh we can't kill him til we're 100% sure!"

-Become 100% sure, have all the proof.-

"Oh, lets let him live out his years in a comfy prison cell!"

Faggots, he's a murder-rapiest scum that jerks off to severed ears and panties. NOTHING OF VALUE WILL BE LOST.

Get the letter if it is still here, change the knotting to be able to transport him, drag his ass out into the jungle and tie him to a tree. Go see if the voodoo girls can use him or his body for anything, if they don't want to get involved, murder the fuck out of him and leave him for the animals to eat his remains.

All we need to do to sooth the spirit, I feel, is kill him and return what was taken, her ear.


I agree with whoever thought hanging him from a tree with the evidence placed around him. Pin the note next to him with the murder weapon and leave the box under him.


last opportunity... molest him in sleep.


>>1802653 I support this idea.


take the chest back to the bunnies.
do him no harm, leave him alone.



>> bring HIM to justice.

...or maybe deliver Justice to him?

I say we have enough evidence to have him condemned in a court of law, but lack one more piece that would be enough to deliver swift justice instead.

Do question him, using the blackjack copiously. Maybe he had co-conspirators. Maybe by some freak accident he has a twin brother who left it all for him.

Do NOT leave the house for more than a few minutes with him alive and tied. Upon return he will be gone and thirsty for revenge. These bounds are no match for him awake and unsupervised.

If he admits, smother the shit out of the sonuvabitch without ever untying him.



FUCK the idea of bringing him to court or doing anything with him the legal way.

Nigger raped the doe while she was dying.

We should just question him because firstly, we'll put him through some terror which he derserves. Either just physically or mentally too.

Secondly, the freak accident that there's another lizard who sleeps at his place OR actualyl killed the doe while the one in the bed is just a co-operator is VERY, VERY unlikely.

But I wouldnt be amazed if that'd be osme kind of twist.

Anywho, fuck the court, fuck the police, fuck the system.



He's openly talked to others about wanting to kill Miranda, how do you know he doesn't have more than a couple of friends in town?

You really want to take the risk of them letting him down and destroying the evidence now that he and his buddies know that someone is on to him?




People seem to forget we got out of a slave or prison ship. If we get tied up in the courts, our ass could be on the line too.

They usually can't convict people without a witness in the old days, and who is gonna take the stand? An anonymous ear in a box?

All he had to do in such case is say "I found it, dug it up by the road side" and no one can argue differently.

Drag his sorry ass to the jungle, find out if the voodoo girls want to be involved now you have the damning proof, and kill him, or leave him to them to be tortured.

The bunny's ear piece needs to be returned to her body, that will put her to rest, as you might recall Variola said that ghosts can be attached to things, and when we drunk the potion, her thoughts were "He took something from me".

File: 417RatConfessionTime.jpg - (144.88 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



You turn around and see Mezard's tail thrashing about.

Quietly you close the windows and the door, locking all of them, then you slide the bookshelf back into place after you take the chest out of its hole.

You then loom over Mezard's bound body.



"you want to pray game?"



"Think long and hard, do you know why this is happening to you? Two desperate shouts into your gag for no, one for yes."

File: night_of_the_lepus_fangs%5b1%5d.jpg - (36.66 KB, 500x517) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Holy shit - wasn't that movie playing on the TV in the oracle's apartment in the first Matrix movie?


I... don't recall. I haven't seen it (Lepus). I should watch it sometime. Looks like a "so bad it's hilarious" movie.



Maybe it's an idea to grab the ear and panty and hold them in front of him.



Nah. Especially don't remove the cover from his head - if you do, you'll have to kill him ;)

Start questioning. Simple questions and brutal encouragement using the blackjack for answers. "Whose ear and panties did you hide under your bookcase?"
"How did you get them?"
"Did anyone help you?"
"How many others did you murder?"
...Get him to confess everything.


Also, if he gets a sniff there is no way he can get alive out of it by cooperating, he will stop cooperating. So give him an ilusory chance to repent. Like, "I just need to banish the ghost. A necessary component is half a pint of blood given willingly by the murderer. But drained from the corpse of the murderer will do as well."



Ye, forgot about the part of him possibly recognizing us.


Actuall that's a problem only if he miracuously appears innocent.


The ghost probably just wants her underwear back.




But lets not take even the slightest risk, no matter how stupid itsounds.

Do not remove the ball gag, ropes or the thing blinding him under any circumstances.


Whoops. Forgot he's gagged. So only yes or no questions.
"Does the ear and the panties belong to the murdered girl?"
"Did you kill her?"
...for a starter.


you don't think he would recognize our rat's voice?

fuck all this interrogation and confession crap. knock him back out, drag him to the ravine you crossed on the bridge in the first thread, and see if lizards can fly.

File: 418RatConfessionTime.jpg - (62.36 KB, 290x392) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Your not sure what to do it seems.

Your too scared to let him see you, even though your disguised and your too scared to say anything cause he might remember your voice, even though you can talk in a more gravely tone to disguise that too...

Killing him is out of the question, despite what he has done, its just not in you, your a thief not a killer.



Lower your voice then.

Also, if we cant kill him because we dont have the XP in that field, interrogate a bit (one nod = yes, two nods = no), then knock him out with the blackjack again and deliver him to the voodoo chicks.



If you decide to do that, dont forget to bring the ear and panties along too.


Let's keep it simple.
Show him the box and its contents and see how he reacts to start with.



Do this. Show him the ear and the panties. He won't recognize you because you have the bandages on. See how he reacts.

If he shows signs of recognition, interrogate in a low voice, Dark Knight style.

"Did you kill her?"
"Did you rape her while she was dying?"


We can kill a zombie, but we can't kill a fucking sentient?

A sentient slimeball who is a danger to society and is an evil little man child?

We need to think HARD about what we experienced as the doe. We need to think about the pain and grief REALLY hard. We can FIND the will to END this prick.

We fucked three hot chicks in the space of a couple weeks. We have the huge balls needed to end a piece of scum.

How would we feel if we found out he killed Miranda if we let him go on living? Can we live with that?



Hell, I'd argue a zombie is LESS of a danger than this dickhead.



Because a zombie omae wa mo shindeiru


Give it up, scraggy seems to have taken up a hard line against giving this guy the righteous knife-dicking this guy deserves.
'Sides, the way I figure it, letting the voodoo girls take him for a lifelong slave would be far worse. Remember what variola did to her former husband...

File: 419RatConfessionTime.jpg - (135.44 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>1804188 (Deal with it and chill the fuck down :p )


You pull the pillowcase from his head.

"MMmuuuffft!?" He says. He looks up at you, holding the open box and his eyes grow wide, then he starts to struggle against the ropes more.

You lean over him and talk in your most sinister voice.

"You slit her throat, and then had your way with her dying body. Then you took a few souvenirs..." You say coldly.

"Muuuf! Mufff!" Mezard says, tears welling up in his eyes and a look of total fear on his face.



( Choo choo railroad ;p )

Continue with torturing him, can we cut off a finger at least?

Can we scratch the word "Murderer" into his fucking forehead with our dull rat claws? :3


Pull out a coconut


Place coconut in lizard's cloaca.


Oh my god. PLEASE take out a coconut and whack him with it.


Actually, the whole coconut thing will most likely blow our cover.



Everyone knows you put the lime in the coconut, right?


Well, now that we have the lime in the coconut, the coconut goes in the lizard!



I'm guessing the bunnies are pacifists.
She probably wouldn't want him killed but would be satisfied with severe punishment.
But again, I suggest trying to ask the ghost with help on what to do.
I think you mentioned Miranda is practically owner of that village so maybe it's her job to handle this?

If getting nowhere, drag his out-cold again ass back to the voodoo chicks.
But be proper, there is a slight chance he had a lizard roommate or such that might've been the guilty party.

For now, pressure statements & questions?
To get more damming info or clues if it might've been someone else.

File: Blood_Red_Tree_by_arcipello.jpg - (100.22 KB, 1028x778) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Carve the dead woman's name into his chest.

Let him never forget this night nor his deed.

File: consider_the_following.jpg - (15.51 KB, 477x359) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I actually want to hear what he has to say after showing him the ear and stuff.




Put some more psychological stress on him, see how he reacts.

Then, knock him back out again and bring him to the voodoo chicks.

Letting him speak now might as well just result in him being stupid enough to call for help. It'd be stupid as shit on his part, but our cover would be blown, we'd have to gtfo and getting him a second time would now be twice as hard.

TL;DR more mental stress for him, blackjack knockout, drag to voodoo chicks.

They can maybe directly contact the doe OR zombify him. PLUS we can let him speak there, nobody would hear him out there anyway.


>>1804290 So Awesome

File: 420RatConfessionTime.jpg - (138.70 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You continue to pressure him to the point he passes out, or maybe the gag around his muzzle was too tight and he wasn't getting enough oxygen. In any case he is out cold again.


(Nice trips.)

You'd best take his gag off if you really don't want to be a killer. When he wakes up again, if he begins to scream, um, knock him out again?



This would be a good moment to bring him to the voodoo chicks. Take panties and cut off ear with you.

Check for his pulse. If he went out from lack of oxygen..well, just to make sure.



This. Make sure to tie him up wrapped in the blanket, it'll be less noticeable than an unconscious citizen of the village.

File: angry_mob.jpg - (24.89 KB, 485x333) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If you pussies can't fucking kill him, take his unconscious ass to the voodoo chicks. Maybe they have the guts to mete out some justice.


I think I'm just gonna give up on this part of the operation. It's a real mess.

File: 421RatConfessionTime.jpg - (271.47 KB, 900x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You loosen the gag on his snout just a little. He is indeed still alive and out cold so you use the opportunity to wrap him up in his blanket and tie him up again.

You check to make sure no one is around and then head into the jungle with him slung over your shoulder. You have to take your time, not being overly strong and soon Mezard wakes up again and starts to struggle.



If he starts to struggle to hard, wack him out again. Don't wait too long to do so.

Otherwise, just keep going towards the voodoo chick's hut.


We could have chosen a clever way of resolving this, but no, we had to choose the direct approach and get our hands dirty.
Now get over with it already and leave the island.



I want to hear what he has to say.



Tell him that if he struggles, you're going to let him fall off the cliff/bridge up ahead. Tell him you don't plan to kill him, you're going to defer his fate to another.

So he has a chance to survive, if he behaves and doesn't get his fool self thrown over the bridge.


Actually, so do I - this oughta be good.



He can be allowed to talk at the voodoo girls, we're still too close to town.

We just need to tie him to a tree near their home before we go to speak to them, they might be upset if we implicate them in this if they don't want to do something to/with him.



Er, I meant tie him up > Go talk to them > bring him there if they want us to / decide what to do otherwise if they don't want him.




Lets let some guy we just abducted alone for a while.

It totally isnt possible to backfire and making it 5 times as hard to get him a 2nd time.

Fuck your shit.


Knock him out again and drag him.



He'd be tied to a tree, do you really think he's an escape artist?

Fuck, knock him out and take off all this cloths if you're THAT concerned he has a nail file.


Plus it is poetic justice to let some women decide what to do with him, while he is helpless, just like the doe was.


Two threats later, we finally get together to kill the bastard, then have a flashback from what we did on that ship.


How many times are you all wanting to knock that guy out?
'Cuz that's SUPER bad for you.

File: 422RatConfessionTime.jpg - (124.69 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

No, your far enough from the town.


Your far enough from the town to undo his gag and hear what he has to say. You drop him to the ground and kneel down, then undo the gag.

"Untie me right now." He hisses.

Yes, you can only knock someone out so many times before it will really scramble their brains.



"Does it look like you're in a position to give orders, murderer? I know your secret and I control your fate.

Now you will tell me exactly what happened the night you killed and raped the girl, or else being kidnapped will be the kindest thing that will happen to you tonight."

In the same Dark Knight voice. :D

File: 1278117128569.jpg - (12.44 KB, 270x235) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.





File: 07ecfa4cac4239780a47da17713502e8.jpg - (440.74 KB, 943x1100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Bind his mouth, Drag his ass to the hut. Feed Mezard to Variola's ex (floating skull thing) while getting 3-way sexings from the girls. Its a win win win!

File: 423RatLizardSpit.jpg - (120.58 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You narrow you eyes and use your sinister voice again.

"Does it look like you're in a position to give orders, murderer? I know your secret and I control your fate.

Now you will tell me exactly what happened the night you killed and raped the girl, or else being kidnapped will be the kindest thing that will happen to you tonight."

Mezard glances to the side, and then back at you.

Then he spit in your face.



Dont knock him out. Punch him in the face instead and tie him up again.

Or do something else to him that will keep him in pain until we reach the voodoo girls.


Look for a coconut

File: aocjx.gif - (2036.46 KB, 295x216) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Variola's ex hungers for his soul. Feed him!


Blackjack dat fag until he's a vegetable


No One suspects the Spanish inquisition!
To the comfy chair!
Then feed mezard to Mr ghosty ghoul.


"Give me one good reason."

File: Mezards%20future%20look.jpg - (11.62 KB, 195x176) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

(Formerly Pricilla Dimmelwell)
Mezard's skull would make a fine alarm system for the irish rabbit inn!



Take one of his eyes as a souvenir.


Tell him his torture will be exquisite. Double check his bindings. Then drag him to Variola's.


his reptilespit is an toxic acid --> you will die


"Well, I didn't want to kill you, but if you keep this up.."

But wipe or wash (if carrying water) your eyes pretty good in case he does have toxic spit.



Don't honor him with a reply...Just sock him in the face, gag him and drag his ass to the vodoo ladies.



Laugh, laugh the most crazy laugh you have.

Then blackjack his fucking teeth. Maybe a mouth full of blood will give him a real reason to spit.


Don't impair his ability to speak.

Whatever you do, do something that causes him considerable pain until we reach the voodoo girls.

In short, just show him who's the nigger and who's the boss nigger.


Afraid to kill him, but torture is OK?
Leave him intact. He will be shitting bricks when he sees where you are taking him. (Get him to confess in front of a skull lookout??) Besides, the pain will be that much more delicious when the girls take over.


>>1806002 time to do another batman thing. Tie his feet and drop him over the edge of the cliff. Scare the shit out of him.

File: 424RatLizardSpit.jpg - (121.02 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Yuck, you turn around you take the water-skin from your bag, then wash his nasty spit from your face and eyes.



Is he cutting his way out?


Great and we have no weapons.

Notice what's going on and try to blackjack the shit out of him I guess?


>>1806582 black jack him in the nuts.

He truly deserves it.


better clock him as soon you wash the spit. for better measure, trow your water at him to surprise him.

then smash his mouth until its all bloody..
its clear this guy is a danger to everyone.




Punch him in the mouth, or face in general a few times.

Then make sure he didnt losen any of the things you used to tie him up, then keep moving.


Smash his groin with that blackjack when you turn around and see what he's doing. There won't be anything left to take back if we keep hitting him in the head over and over.

But come to think of it, the guy is a lizard so wouldn't his testes be internal? Can we even hit him down there hard enough to cause that sort of pain?

Smash his goddamn face/snout D:<



You hear the sound of him cutting, race back over and start body stomping him til he stops. It's life or death for us so we can stop giving such a fuck about not hurting him.

Once he's groaning and rolling in pain, take the knife from him.

I suggest aiming a kick just below his ribs, clear of his knife, the hydrological shock will thrown the heart beat off which will paralyze him.

While he's all fucked up, grab the knife from the back of it and pull it free so he isn't armed, then fix his bindings up.

All the while, tell him you weren't going to kill him but you'll certainly throw him off the cliff if he keeps it up.


Also, I told all you fuckers, don't stop to talk to him and what did you do?

You had to fucking stop and talk.


Robust him, weld him into a locker and space him.

It's the only way to be sure.


Get right the fuck back to him.

I dont care WHAT you do, but do something quick that will either cause a fuckload of pain or knock him out. Or force him into submission.

He's still not free yet.


File: 425RatLizardFight.jpg - (176.02 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Oh crap he is.


You splash him in the face with water from your water-skin. It stops him for a moment, or just pisses him off more. He slashes at you with the knife, but your able to dodge easily, your reflexes sharp, shocking even you.


as he misses you come up with a punch to his throat, that should get him to drop to his knees. then as hes grabbing his throat (if it works that is) give him the Captain kirk chop the the back of the head and knock him out



That's what you get for allowing a murderer and rapist to talk right after you knocked him out and tried to abduct him. Dicktwats.

Either way, try to either get ahold of his knife hand, or blackjack him again.

Alternatively, throw dirt in his eyes, then take advantage.



Grab his wrist with your right hand, smash your left palm into his elbow, breaking it. In his anger he has left himself wide open.

(Scraggy, that is so cheap of you ;p He's been knocked unconscious, he was tied up so his blood flow was definitely restricted, his legs were still tied and the rope is thick enough to hold our weight when we grappled...

He shouldn't be up and feisty in the time it takes to wash our face.

TL;DR: I call hax. The lizard activated some fucking ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A select start bullshit. )

File: scraggy_youmad.jpg - (204.30 KB, 500x279) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


(You should no by now I stopped lessening to your commands.)



( Listening or not, it isn't much of a choose your own adventure if you're railroading shit. Gamemasters punishing players n shit. You know damn well a head injury that knocks you out would impair your ability to do things for at least a few hours. )



And nobody gives a shit because this is about animals on an island that use messenger birds and magic and ghosts.

Stfu, go on with lizard vs. rat.



( plus, if he had a knife in his hand the hole time, why didn't the rat get it up his asshole when he was sitting on em? )

File: F-111-Fuel-Dump%2c-Avalon%2c-VIC-23.03.2007.jpg - (255.78 KB, 1600x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


From that position, I'd say run forward and tacklehug him to the floor. Then try and use your right hand to control his knife as best you can while still hugging close to him and use your left to rake at his eyes.
Both his arms are to your right, he can't really defend against that attack well.

Get your head under his armpit.


Because he would still have to cut through whatever we had him captured in.


wait until he makes a dash forward with the knife.. dodge to the side, and poke his eyes with your fingers.. then smash BOTH his hands with the club.. so he cannot grab anything.

File: legsweep.jpg - (21.76 KB, 256x238) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Grab his wrist and twist it causing the knife to drop from his hand. Kick the knife away.

Drop low and perform a clockwise spinning sweep to knock him down.

File: ScraggyHolyShitLook.gif - (211.35 KB, 230x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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