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File: 461RatLearningTime.jpg - (100.34 KB, 344x607) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
102747 No.1834075

(Archives --->
(Old Thread

>>1832240 ("What do you feed them" (The Birds)
Seeds and insects. Sometimes if its a bigger bird we feed them smaller birds."

("How high is the level of technology in this countries? (Is there any "high-tech species" or are all of them on the middle ages level?)")

"For unknown reasons, magic doesn't work in the Kingdom of Rejan and the top western parts of Blamor." Lisha says as you help her pack. "The people there make machines to compensate for this. They have machines that can let you look at things very far away, and machines that can even make light without fire or magic. They also use medicine and cut open your body when your ill."


How long is this boat ride going to take?


I the previous thread, I was wondering what was known about this Drago character.


I missed the previous thread, but did we ask about the count or...whoever that high-up guy was we killed?
If not, do so. Who were his friends, his enemies, was he liked by people, any word if our face was shown to the public?

If we got answers on that already, time to get some last few things done before we leave.

File: 462RatLearningTime.jpg - (72.08 KB, 384x499) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


"Orin wasn't really hated by the people in his province. Taxes were no higher there then anywhere else, and he did a good job keeping the Kingdoms borders safe, though the occasional raid got through now and then."
Lisha says. "I know Orin was rather recluse though, didn't like to go out and about."

"I'm not sure about Drago, I was on the island here when he took his father place." Lisha says. "But from little scraps of information I get he is just as fair a ruler as his father."



Well, crap.

If we did get publicly shown as Orins murderer, we need a way to drastically change our appearance. Since he was apparently a good guy, people wont like us.


We look like an unremarkable rat that everyone thinks is off being tortured/dead.

We don't need a disguise.



Chances are that not only that tiny island we stranded on knows that the prisoner ship we were on crashed.



And there were "no survivors."




I still vote for some rat makeover.



Man, I go away for four days, and Scraggy uses the conversation and map to change the venue. That's what I thought before I read the end of the last thread. Oops.



>"For unknown reasons, magic doesn't work in the Kingdom of Rejan and the top western parts of Blamor." Lisha says as you help her pack. "The people there make machines to compensate for this. They have machines that can let you look at things very far away, and machines that can even make light without fire or magic. They also use medicine and cut open your body when your ill."

Suddenly I am reminded of "Slayers" (anime)...

File: 295823_225925897468006_225465154180747_644923_1931386168_n.jpg - (103.83 KB, 960x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The least we can do is re-arm ourselves. The blackjack served us well. Lets buy one of those and a dagger.




Also, lets get a primary and secondary weapon. Even if that just means 2 knifes or 2 blackjacks.
Two weapons simply because the next time our opponent knocks our weapons away, we dont want to be unarmed. Plus we can use the second weapon for a surprise attack.

So, buy a blackjack again for sure.
For the second weapon, maybe a knife. I guess you can steal one if you get the chance to.

Inb4 everybody wants a tailshank from the blacksmith again.

...Actually, what if lisha is good friends with the blacksmith? Maybe she could make him build one in a day or two. Not necessary however.

Buy blackjack again, get secondary weapon. Steal knife of chance is there.


Haven't we already established that the blacksmith is a good lay, but incompetent at actually making usable tools? Not sure why we'd want anything from him other than buttsex.



What we know about the blacksmith is that he takes WAY too long to finish his stuff, he wants everything to look "fab" etc.

Now, if lisha is a good friend of his, she might be able to have him finish whatever we need in a day or two. Possibly at a reduced price, even.

No, we dont necessarily need a goddamn tailshank. But, if lisha does turn out to be able to make the blacksmith finish his shit earlier without adding much "guuurl fab" to it, go for it. A custom made weapon that possibly has 1 or 2 hidden goodies, or some custom made tool that'd otherwise be hard to get would be more than useful.


We also know that the innkeeper doesn't think he's a very good blacksmith:

And we know that he can't be bothered to maintain the sign in front of his shop; that anvil's gonna fall on your head next time you try to go in his shop:



Well, he might just be labeled a bad blacksmith because he takes that unecessarily long to add fab to everything. If lisha is good friends, like that guy before said, he could finish his shit in a day or two for us. Because good friends.

For the anvil, we can just approach the door from the other side. It wouldn't fall on us that way.

File: ScraggyWut.gif - (213.79 KB, 500x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

(So then, are we going to ask Lisha anymore questions about the world we are in or are we going to do something else now?)


Grab what little gear we have, help Lisha pack, and GTF to the boat. Cast our lot with her, she's the only one who's given a rat's ass (ha ha!) about us.


Grab what little gear we have, help Lisha pack, and GTF to the boat. Cast our lot with her, she's the only one who's given a rat's ass (ha ha!) about us.

(OT: lulz has been crashing lately, posts might be sparse until the shit gets straightened out.)


Naw I just fixed it.


let us go "home"



What about nabbin another blackjack and a 2nd small weapon? And the blacksmith stuff the dude posted above?

Makes sense, atleast to me.

File: pweez128648747279305205.jpg - (26.30 KB, 400x392) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

(Hoping this post will work)
Forget the fucking blacksmith and ask Lisha if she has any weapons to spare-or knows where to get them.

File: 3c17935v%5b1%5d.jpg - (150.71 KB, 822x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It would be funny to see the blacksmith waving the rat off the island with a handkerchief.


Ask her about the history of this world.



How commonplace/expensive is Rejani technology in other parts of the world? I'm thinking a "shopping trip" around there is in order.





and this


And this as well

File: 1174800869813.jpg - (34.89 KB, 500x460) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A knife or blackjack, please.


Bump thread.

File: 463RatNewWeapon.jpg - (168.36 KB, 792x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

After helping Lisha pack some of her nicknacks you head off to look for a replacement weapon.



What's the note on the blacksmith door say? :O



"Enter for gay sex"



It would be hilarious if he said he was gonna leave the island, for some mainland adventure.. and we will have to tolerate his shenanigans during the entire boattrip XD



Dear god this

Read the note on the blacksmith's door.

File: 464RatNewWeapon.jpg - (122.78 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You read the Sign...

File: 3468457041_ea5c619f54.jpg - (59.44 KB, 316x420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




LOL, we can't get rid of that cat so easily now can we!

Is is boyfriend coming with too? If not, this is going to be hilarious.

File: funny-dog-pictures-no-escape.jpg - (36.98 KB, 500x364) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well shit; I guess were gonna have to kill him too.
Let me guess why- the sudden disappearance of his boyfriend?
Anyway, on to purchasing weapons for self defense.




As some guy said earlier, we dont have to BUY them.

If we can steal a blackjack again, just as good. But we might have a bigger chance in seeing some guy putting his knife down without looking.



Shenanigans ensue. :D



now... you will have to see his creepy smile for the duration of all the boattrip!.. plus who knows if he will be fucking half (if not all) the boat crew D:

or perhaps just knock hard to see if he still has a blackjack or something..
he could be still preparing to the trip...


Don't go back into the same shop you lifted shit from.



On a lark, ask the inn keeper if he's got something he could spare. Even if he doesn't he could at least tell us other options.


If you meet the blacksmith, a.k.a. jarred, on the ship, talk with him a bit. Maybe he knows a few more things on the mainland. Maybe even other blacksmiths, or other people doing some kind of craftmanship that could be useful to us.

File: paradox.jpg - (10.68 KB, 405x324) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The blacksmith is going to get you drunk/drug you, rape you in the ass, and dump you off of the ship to remove all evidence.
Suddenly paradox, that is how you got on the island in the first place and the whole story restarts.



Nah, he mentioned earlier that our rat guy isnt his type. We're safe from the ship is full of sailors, and sailors are gay.



*Alastair pawson




He did? When was this?



Check archives in OP post.


Off to ask the shopkeeper if he has any extra blackjacks! :3

File: 465RatNewWeapon.jpg - (88.21 KB, 452x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You knock on the door and after a moment the Jarred answers.

"Can I he- Oh its you, Aw, did you come to hug me goodbye?" He says.



"I'm actually moving to the mainland too. But, that's not why I'm here. Do you happen to have a spare blackjack or something similar?"

File: 466RatNewWeapon.jpg - (88.27 KB, 384x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


"A blackjack? No. We been over this before, you mush have a bad memory." He says in a teasing tone. "I do have a ridding crop though."



Pull a slightly annoyed face, "...know a place I could get one from? Preferably not the {shop we got the blackjack from and stole stuff}...and no thanks, keep the riding crop."


what a sleazy individual lmao..

you could just say in a serious tone.

"Im serious, Im a weak tiny mouse and I dunno the dangers in the trip/mainland"
maybe that way he would go "awww ok, let me find something for you"


>>1841536 "I do have a ridding crop though."

Ask him to fetch the riding crop for you. Then when he hands it to you smack him hard in the face multiple times. Hard enough to break his skin and leave lasting scars on his face. Then tell him: "Good luck being flirty with that face now, you goddamn sodomite."

Hey, you may not be a cold blooded murderer, but that doesn't mean you're not one mean sadistic fuck when someone is asking for it.



Maybe this.

On that note, even if he'll annoy the piss out of us, might be an idea to stick with him during the boat trip. If we end up being friends or atleast end up on alright terms with eachother (not buttbuddies, you fucks) that could come in handy later.


"I need something for smacking heads, not bottoms."

"Not that I don't like the latter"

File: Nuclear_explosion.gif - (486.45 KB, 450x285) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Back away from the Blacksmith. Plan on getting a weapon or two in the port town where the pirates came from.


Kinda worrisome that he recognizes the ratty... I thought he was supposed to be a generic gray rat who won't have to worry about being recognized as the alleged murderer on the mainland...


perhaps there aren't that many rats in the island.. in small towns.. everyone knows everyone FAST.
or second.. the bunnies already sent the news of their daughter's savior everywhere on the island.. and it did spread like wildfire.


"I think Lisha emphasis would love a riding crop."


Question is...

is a riding crop useable as a weapon?

> inquire about the riding crop.
> it's actually a magic shapeshifting weapon.
File: ega5j.gif - (1916.69 KB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


It's a ridding crop

It rids you of unpleasant things

buy that bitch right now

File: Tonight-you-necrolurve.png - (102.54 KB, 829x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We sure homophobic internet tough guy tonight in here.

Anyway, Scraggy. This >>1841618


We don't know where that ridding crop was before.




The rat isn't gay.



Why is it, in furry, that faggots always demand that everything have more cock, be more gay, even if the artist or character is hetrosexual?

Greedy, especially given that 80% of what the fandom cranks out in content is already gay.

Regardless of our hero's bisexuality, the blacksmith isn't his type, the smith creeps him right the fuck out for his touchy feeling shit with the tail.




It was stated earlier that our rat guy is straight. Hetero. Doesn't like any dicks except his own. He doesnt like Poo-nani.

File: Read%20%282%29.jpg - (424.11 KB, 1500x1117) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Nothing like people putting words in someones mouth because what was said indirectly hurt their feelings from reading in between the lines.


How many homophobic people are?


Did I mention anywhere at all that he should sleep with the smith, you poor anally frustrated man. I really don't care that they aren't fucking.

I'll just never understand people why feel like decking someone that hits on them is the best course of action.

I'm secure and confident in my own sexuality though... that probably has something to do with it.



How about you and everybody else stops arguing in this thread.

These threads by scraggy were the only good ones lately, dont shit them up.

File: 467RatNewWeapon.jpg - (44.22 KB, 267x323) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You tell him with a slightly annoyed face that you need something for self defense, not ass play.

He crinkles his nose. "I'm just teasing hun." He says. "I don't have any weapons left, I scrapped everything so I could move back to the mainland and become a jewelery-smith."

(I'm a fire starter, twisted fire starter.)



Jewelery smith? He'll be us a good bro whenever we have lots of dosh and want to give lisha or whoever we end up with a shiney gift.

Also, we can look somewhere else for weapons then. If you want, tell him we're moving to the mainland as well. Might end up funny.

Might ask the hares if they know a place for weapons or can spare us a knife or blackjack. We have a huge bonus with them, we enabled the does ghost to find peace etc. They'll probably be of help, one way or another.


Weren't the sisters supposed to make us dinner anyway?

File: bored.jpg - (44.71 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


There's really no need to be so defensive.

Just because you're wrong.



>Just because you're wrong.

baiting much?



Dunno. Don't even remember if they offered us a favour in return. But since we put the doe's ghost to rest, they're more than likely to help us as good as they can.


>>1842790 at least be his friend. We need friends, because you don't know who you are.

just tell him you don' swing that special way.

also, ask to see a piece of his jewelry he's made. (see if he's any good at it.)



Asking to see a piece of jewelry might be an idea. Just to +1conversation and +1possible friend and place to stay if necessary



Tell him you'll have to look him up once he gets into business, and talk about how you want to see to it that your wife gets something nice.

It backs up our story and hell, if we do visit him we can swipe his customer ledger, find out who buys the most expensive bling and go rob their asses blind.

Wave goodbye, then go to the general goods store so we can see if they've got anything. Ask for a not-so-obvious weapon, like a hammer. We can pad it ourselves.




Is bump

is good

File: 124450189672.jpg - (55.54 KB, 800x547) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Go to the chest o provisions and look for something we can improvise a weapon with.



or some magic imbued rings or shit.. so you can get some of your stats (preferentially Social, Sneak or lock-picking)

File: 468RatNewWeapon.jpg - (176.75 KB, 792x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You tell him you'll have to look him up once he gets into business, and you talk about how you want to see to it that your wife gets a nice mate-ship token.

You then say your goodbyes and go into the Store next door.



Ask the dude if he has another blackjack, or some other kind of weapon.




File: 61bAsRyBWUL._SS500_.jpg - (67.07 KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Greetings shopkeep! <Look around for options> if nothing like a weapon is in sight:
I was wondering if you have any fine cutlery or perhaps a length of chain?


if nothing is available ask for a stale stick of salami, it should be hard enough to use as a club and or emergency ration.



Make friendly; "So with the blacksmith leaving, you're the only game in town right? That must be exciting."

I think if we cut straight to business he might keep his guard up, we wont get an opportunity to swipe any extras.


Ask if the shopkeep has a leather tanning kit in stock. You're going to use the dye to be a brown rat for the time being, ruining your girlfriend's security deposit by staining her bath tub brown as well. Yes, it is unnecessarily stupid and risky to forgo any disguise measures at all. One rat might look the same to us as any other rat, but not to them. Absolutely do not go back to the mainland, this early (you just got put on the boat like a week ago!!) without chasing your appearance. That is just stupid.


The inn

Go to it when you're done with this shop

We saved their daughters spirit

They will help us. Or atleast give useful pointers.


Or just cook us dinner and offer a threesome.





File: tumblr_luipvbB3Tm1r2ik7m.png - (184.57 KB, 649x579) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Have any plasma rifles in the 40MW range?
If not, a bowie (or other sturdy) knife will do.

File: 469RatNewWeapon.jpg - (181.75 KB, 792x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You ask the shopkeeper if he has anymore blackjacks.

"Sorry I don't." He says.

You then ask if he might have any other kind of weapon.

"Well I do ave this thing..." The shopkeeper goes over to the side and returns with a length of chain that has a metal ball at one end and a blade at the other. "It was in a crate of Pomegranates I just got, and I ave no clue what it is."

You tell the shop keeper you totally want a Pomegranate.



The weapon. You must have it.



Ask the shopkeeper where he obtained two identical shelves containing an absolutely identical array of items. Then move one of the jars a little to the left to break the uncanny appearance.

File: chain.jpg - (2.74 KB, 110x121) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Mmmm a pomegranate and a spiked chain. Trip attacks are devastating!
We will take them both!


Ooooh a kusari-gama, that may be a little difficult to use, but if you get good at it you can beat the crap out of anybody!


>>1847129 I laughed.




This chain thing would be badass. Though we'd first have to figure out how to properly use it.

Weapons like those are prone to hit you in the face if you're stupid with it.

Also, do rats actually eat pomegranate?

Anyway, get that chain weapon thing if you're sure that you can figure out how to not hit yourself with it.


i knew it! the rats a NINJA!



File: 470RatNewWeapon.jpg - (182.12 KB, 792x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


The shopkeeper tells you he has OCD and likes the shelves to look the same.


The shopkeeper tells you it will cost 75 silvers for the Weapon and the Pomegranate



Lol'd at the OCD.

Also, I forgot how much moneys we have. On that note, we dont necessarily need the pomegranate. It's just food.

How much is just the weapon? Can we buy it with our funds?



We've got about 5 gold and change left if memory serves. We got 3 of that from our venture to the manor.


Can we ask about the leather tanning kit, or quill ink, or anything else we might use as dye?

File: 132096995016.png - (107.47 KB, 900x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We had 5 gold and 30 copper a month ago..
Which should be 53 silver.
Offer the shopkeeper 5 gold for the weapon.


Probably best not to buy it if it costs anyhting more than 3 gold.

Because you can't go mainland without money.



>75 silvers says shopkeeper for both
>give 5 go-

Oh you


or we could just ninja it at night when the store is closed


And nobody would know any better!



Shopkeeper totally wouldnt atleast have a slight idea that it could have been us, because we asked about it's price earlier.

But if you decide to steal it, yank a pomegranate too.


Buy the weapon now and steal a pomegranate later. The wifey would love stolen fruit.


Err, that's not the rate. 1 gold = 100 silver, 1 silver = 100 copper.


Haggle with him.
I don't know the price of the pomegranate, but it's not a forgone conclusion that the largest part of that price tag is the badass mace.
Just tell him that it's preposterous to ask so much for something he just happened to find in a crate, especially when he has no clue what it is.
Better yet, just how exactly did that crazy bastard get into that crate in the first place? It's probably been used to murder somebody.




Ask if you can take a look at the weapon. If you find blood or any other traces of previous use, you can lower the price a lot.


For fuck sakes.

Turn that shit down, we can steal it the night before we go on the boat trip. This guy probably doesn't even have guards.



What if it's gone by then?

Dont slip the chance of obtaining a badass weapon.



It's only badass if you're a ninja. Otherwise, it's quite lame.

Anyway, do we really need a weapon that bad? I don't see any more killings coming. And Lisha must have some kitchen knives that could be used for self-defense.



Yes. Yes we do need a weapon.

How fucking stupid of a thief do you have to be? You steal other people's shit, they want to fuck you up if you get caught while stealing stuff.



thief != assassin

you need a small weapon to defend yourself, that thing looks like a tool for massive assassinations.

I wouldn't be surprised if the guards in the homeport, will find that thing in your bag, and will immediately link you with murders.. a weapon like that just cant appear in a pomegranate just because.
someone ditched it!

go with the does and ask for a small knife.. something like these Swiss portable knives or some other tool... like something from Assasin's creed.. perhaps a hidden knife slot thingie for your hands or tail.



It's a chain-ish thing.

You can fold it together until it'd be small enough to shove up the blacksmiths ass. Twice.

Don't think it would even get detected. And if you place it smart enough, people might just think it's a chain. Just a chain.




If it's not too big, you can just fold it together and hide it somewhere in your double-sided cloak.



This particular weapon is stupid, but good point. What's the legal status of various weapons in this world?


not too big?
maybe scraggy should draw our rat hero holding the weapon.. thus to compare size correctly.

also, again.. how do we know that is not a weapon we had before.. and/or used in a murder already?


Everything alright lately, scrags? Doesn't seem like you've been around as much the past couple weeks, though some of that is probably just from lulz being broken.

File: IMG_2044.JPG - (132.08 KB, 1600x898) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I stand corrected, offer the shopkeep 50 silver for it.


Uh, oh bump limit!






Me thinks this story is fizzling out. Ah well, it was a fun ride.


So what happened to this?


>>1856865 Meh, the only reason i still hang out here anymore is because of scrag's story here.


Scraggy?? Hellooo?


How about you think about the possibility that scraggy is currently more busy with real life instead of this.

Train yourself in patience and submit moar commands for the rat guy, read up on the story by using the archives in OP post or draw some rule 34.

File: Scraggysgonaheadbuttyou.gif - (245.67 KB, 500x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

new thread

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